Software Scoping

software-developmentWhen a company knows that it’s time to commission a new piece of software, it is important for a software scoping process to be completed prior to any new code being written. Even if the new software is an addition to an existing platform, there still needs to be a software scoping process done to make the boundaries of the project very clear.

The software scoping is what happens at the outset of the project and it is a collaborative process between the software consultancy and development company. When software scoping is not done properly before development begins, we see major issues in terms of projects not being completed or one of the parties losing significant amounts of money as a result.

Without software scoping, it’s very easy for the remit of the project to change as development happens. This is different to Agile software development as it happens when a fixed cost has been estimated for a piece of work and the details of the work to be completed start to go off in a different direction. The fact that the development will take longer this way is one issue, although the biggest risk here of missing out on the software scoping is that the software will end up losing focus and not meeting the core business requirements.

This happens because the company may have many different things it would like to do, but discipline is required to focus initially on the things that will make the biggest impact on the bottom line. Software scoping weeds out all of the development tasks that might sound attractive on the surface but that in fact do not contribute sufficiently to justify the spend.

The risk of a software project is significantly reduced when a software scoping project is completed. This is because the key conversations that need to be had about the company’s expectations and priorities happen right at the beginning, which means that costly development tasks are not started on a faulty basis.