Software Consultancy

s1If your business processes are not clear and efficient, then it’s going to be difficult to achieve the profits that you are hoping for. Many companies are leaking profits by working inefficiently and duplicating work every day. Software consultancy is a progressive way of making sure that your business is working smoothly and using technology to make this possible.

During the software consultants services you are likely to learn a lot about your business, not only from a technical but also from a human perspective. There’s no point developing software that doesn’t fit in well for the people who are going to be using it, and software consultancy ensures that the technology has great uptake and usability.

So what actually happens during the software consultancy process? You’ll be doing a lot of workshops that will involve all the key stakeholders in your business. The conversations will begin in a more general way, finding out all about the challenges and sticking points in the business. Software consultancy when done well takes on board the holistic view rather looking at any one area in isolation. This is about complex systems, and making sure that if there are any areas where you don’t know exactly how things are working this gets resolved.

Software consultancy will start by uncovering these areas and digging out the details of why things aren’t working. From there, a review of all the technology currently being used in the company will be done. The software used can be a large part of the efficiency issues, where different departments are using different pieces of software and therefore aren’t aligned with each other.

During your software consultancy process all of these pieces of software will be reviewed in terms of their effectiveness. The costs, benefits and risks of other potential pieces of software will be discussed and investigated. You should come out of the software consultancy process with a clear technical strategy and a project plan showing how the inefficient processes or other issues are going to be resolved.