Software Consultancy Insight


Software consultancy is not an easy process to go through. It’s one of those things that sounds simple enough at the outset; it sounds like a series of conversations with some documents being produced as a result. In theory, it’s a few meetings with your software consultants, who then go off and figure out the outcomes. In reality software consultancy is an incredibly in-depth and complex area.

At your end, the software consultancy process will require a lot from you. All the key stakeholders at the company will need to be involved, sometimes with representatives from all levels of the business. They will need to dig deep to find the information required. There may be conversations about your business processes and workflows, about your business goals and objectives.

Whilst these are things that your business should probably already know, in reality most businesses only start finding out core information during the software consultancy process itself. They don’t come armed ready with all the intelligence, rather they use the process and the support of their software consultants to run their business better.

By its nature software consultancy is strategic. This means that the disorganised, organic ways of working are weeded out when they are no longer working. The long-view is preferred and all aspects of the business must be taken into consideration along with the ways they interact with each other. New processes and business relationships are forged as the software consultancy puts in place technical strategies to support growth.

There will be extensive documentation created during any software consultancy process, but the key is never in the documentation. Rather the documents are the result of extensive human interaction. Similarly they are the springboard for many real-world interactions and changes that will be taken on by the software consultants and stakeholders alike. The potential to meet your company objectives will be greatly improved and working processes and efficiency will shift in turn.

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