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Control Logic Easy Explanation

When a software program is designed, it comes with various design elements that make it work properly. It isn’t a random set of codes that are set up without rhyme or reason.Keeping this in mind, it’s important to understand what the control logic is all about for those who may not be aware. While the average software engineer is going to be aware of this term, a lot of beginners are still learning what it’s all about. As a result, it’s important to dig deeper and put together a small guide for those who want to understand it properly.

This guide will go into the nuances of control logic and what it’s all about.

Operational Controls

The main idea behind this concept is to authorize and highlight operational controls. This means the software runs based on how the control logic is set up to do. For example, if a user clicks on something, it has to lead to another screen as designed by the developer. However, this is only possible when there are operational controls in place to ensure the software does as the user wants it to. This has to be coded into the software program or it is going to randomly do whatever it wants or show a long list of errors. This is what the control logic is all about software programs.

Hierarchal System of Controls

There has to be a sense of hierarchy when it comes to a modern software program.

If you were to draw everything onto a chart, it would have a clear flow from big to little details. This means if you were to press “Start” on the first screen, it would lead to a second screen with multiple options. Of course, those options would lead to another list of options as you continue to go deeper into the process.

This varies based on what the software program is about but the hierarchy is always there. It goes from big too small.

Creates a Logical Flow for Sofware Program

There is a requirement for there to be some semblance of flow for the control logic to work as intended. Nothing can be disjointed with a software program because it won’t work. This is why developers take their time coding the program and making sure it makes sense. This is the only way for the software program to be worth using or it is going to show an alarming number of errors. The control logic is all about stabilizing the software program and building a strong foundation that flows from one point to the next seamlessly.


The goal of this concept is to focus on the user and the commands they are going to give to the software program. While all of this is done in the background and the user isn’t going to notice anything, it’s something that has to take place in the coding. Otherwise, the program will continue to show errors and simply not function as intended. The idea is when a user does action A, it leads to result A. This is a simple way of understanding the concept and what it means for software programs. Everything begins and ends with the user.

Final Thoughts

This is what control logic is all about and it is an integral part of software programs. Without having an organized setup in the background, a software program isn’t going to function as it is supposed to and that is only going to put stress on the system. Software developers will often take the time to dig deeper into the control logic to ensure it flows properly.

Tom Archibeque is the owner and trainer at Control Logic Training. Tom is an experienced Electrical Controls Engineer, providing Rockwell Automation control system integration, PLC programming and training. Working with numerous packaging manufacturing machine builders, keeping current with today’s PLC programming techniques.